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by Anna S Grabowska - Wednesday, 27 March 2013, 06:56 AM
System jest intuicyjny, warto spróbować jak działa.
Tekst do prezi poniżej. Trzeba zacząć od przetłumaczenia na polski.

Meetings with computers for GUT seniors (2008-2012)

The first meetings with Gdansk University of Technology (GUT) retired staff took place in September 2008 in Czarlina summer camp. There were several informal meetings organised with help of Ms Gizella Bober , a chairwoman of Gdansk University of Technology Seniors Club. In December 2008 the first formal meeting for seniors at GUT was organised and about 30 people took part in it. This meeting was dedicated to Lifelong Learning Grundtvig projects and training needs analysis. The first key message was “Let’s start to be active participants in ongoing Grundtvig Partnership projects: EuBiA, IMPROGE, Connecting +55”.

We started from enrolment for a basic computer course. The aim of this course was mastering the seniors basic computer skills, starting from using a keyboard and mouse. The first training materials in a form of books were sent to us by the academy e-senior UPC (http://www.upc.pl/o-upc/zaangazowanie-spoleczne/e-akademia-upc/akademia-e-seniora/).

Since 2008 thanks to the support of the GUT Rector prof. Henryk Krawczyk and the Dean of WETI (the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics) prof. Krzysztof Goczyła meeting with computers for seniors regularly take place the computer laboratory of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics. The role of instructors performs PRO-MED and the GUT staff, students and PhD students.

In order to encourage older learners to take part in learning activities more than once a week we propose blended learning (Face to Face once a week and e-learning 24 hours/7 days a week). For supporting e-learning LMS (Learning Management System) Moodle is used. All lessons are available in a printed (A4) and in an electronic format (pdf). We propose building the OER (Open Educational Resources) repository based on Creative Commons licence (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_Commons_licenses).

The learning provider should also take care about building ties between participants. We propose celebrating together Christmas, Easter, Birthdays. We also organise informal meetings such as Nordic Walking, Petanque, City Games in the open space.

We suggest including diversity of learning methods and diversity of supporting materials, offering courses/activities suitable to learning needs, involving intergenerational approach in order to strengthen ties between generations.

Personal involvement of older learners can be more encouraging if they take part in the ongoing national or international projects’ activities (e.g. preparations or taking part in Grundtvig Partnership meetings), if they feel that they can be responsible for their learning process by choosing the most suitable subjects, if they have an opportunity to take part in physical exercises as Nordic Walking or gymnastic.


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