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Odp: Ćwiczenia - 12/03/2010
by Bogumiła Masiulanis - Friday, 19 March 2010, 04:16 PM
Nasza grupa, nasza szkoła
Our group, our school
Our seniors group was organized between the retired employees of the Gdansk University of Technology (GUT) (Politechnika Gdanska). In this university study 17000 students on 10 faculties. We are meet every FRIDAY in computer laboratory of the Electronic, Telecommunication and Informatics Faculty. Except of the computer course we have the possibility to improve our English language and to look interesting photos and train fitness and Nordic Walking.
Nasze miasto
Our city
The Latin sentence on the arms of Gdansk :"NEC TEMERE, NEC TIMIDE" was gave by the Polish king Kazimierz Jagielonczyk in 15th century. This time and 16th century it was the "Golden age" in the history of Gdansk. In English this inscription means: Not boldly, not timidly = without of temerity, without of timidity. It was timely in particular 30 years ago, when the strike of the Gdansk ship-yard workers and the movement of "SOLIDARITY" union initiated the democratic changes and damaging of the "iron curtain" between the West and East Europe.
Nasz kraj
Our country
The history of the Poland State dates from adoption of Christianity in 966y. On the right you can see the national emblem of our country.
The capital of Poland- Warszawa was like Gdansk almost completely destroyed after the II World War. Now it is again a beautiful town. Near Warszawa, in the village Zelazowa Wola, 200years ago was born Fryderyk Chopin, our grand composer and pianist. In connection with this anniversary we have in Poland many wonderful concerts of his music.
Our old capital Krakow is a famous town with many ancient monuments. Very interesting objects of the architecture and arts you can see also in Zamosc, Kozlowka, Krasiczyyn and other towns in theSouth-East part of Poland. Many tourists arrive to the beautiful town Zakopane in our highest mountains Tatry.
In the North-East part of our country we have the "Land of thousand lakes", named Mazury. It was lately nominated to the miracles of the world. Near of this land, in the virgin forest Bialowieza, you can find a reserve of the European bisons.
Many interesting places you can see in our old and big towns : Wroclaw, Poznan, Gniezno, Szczecin.
We are living upon the Balic sea, in the agglomeration of three cities : old Gdansk, the health- resort Sopot and the modern town and port Gdynia.
We invite you to our beautiful country.

Gdańsk, 12.03.2010