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Re: Kondolencje ze świata
by Anna S Grabowska - Monday, 19 April 2010, 02:04 PM
Dear Anna
so sorry to hear the tragic news of the death of so many people - important and otherwise. How are you all taking the news. I notice that one casualty was an ex crane driver from Gdansk.
Best wishes

Dear Polish partners,

We are all very sorry to hear that your president and his colleagues had a plane crash. Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss... our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

Best regards muharrem

Dear Friends in Poland,

We are all very sorry to hear about the tragedy that your nation is undergoing now and we know that there is nothing to console you. But please bear in mind that our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Best regards,

Dear Anka,

With huge sorrow we admit the information about the national catastrophe that strucked your nation by loss of major representatives of Polish intelligence and this loss grieved deeply all of us.

I want to express sincere condolences to you and the whole nation and my participation in your huge sorrow.

Ľubica Gálisová and the whole team of Fórum pre pomoc starším

Anna, you have all my sympathy!
Take care! With love, eva s

Thank you for the pictures you sent us from Warszawa. We are very sad about the terrible accident. We think about you in your mourning.
Lena and Siv E

Dear polish friends!
We are all thinking of you. Thanks for your pictures, they tell us a lot.
With love Ylva

Dear Anka,
I am in thoughts with you and please take my sincere sympathy.
Your country lost so special persons and I never forget all painful
things, what happend in past.
You are in my prayers.
With love,
Mai Maser,

Dears Anna and Polish Friends ,
Feeling profoundly sorry for your President's ( and Polish Delegation in Katin ) tragic death . We express our sincere condoleances to You !
Carlo , Peppino , Sergio, Annalisa and all Italian Staff

Dear Polish friends,
We want to express our deepest sympathy with you and your whole nation. The tragedy has deeply touched us.
The Finnish group

Dear Anna,
the article is great and a really good contribution to valorisation of the project.
I felt with your country when we heart about the tradegy - Marion and I were still at Graz airport when the information reached us and we were chocked. It is a real sad loss for you and it is also sad how it is linked to the political massacre from Katyn. Again you have lost people from the Polish elite.
All the best for you and good wishes,